About Craig

Craig is a Game Developer guy who lives in Bristol, he does other stuff too.

Things Craig does

Works at Lo-fi Games
We're making Kenshi 2, follow us on Twitter for updates.

Manages Eggy Tapes.
Eggy Tapes is a DIY tape label.
Listen to releases on bandcamp.
Follow on instagram for updates

Makes PC games
All the good ones are available on itch.io
(along with all the rubbish ones)
Lots of Pico 8 knick knacks are also available here

Repairs cassette players
I wrote a few words on this subject in this post/zine
Refurbished tapes can be purchased in store at
Black City Records
Or via the Eggy Tapes Instagram page

Makes noise under the name Puddle Brain
You can listen to it on bandcamp, but not many people will recommend this.
Sometimes I do this live.
I wrote some words about this.

He used to make source engine maps as a teenager
I was alright at this, even won a couple of contests.
Everything I made is still available on GameBanana.