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  • Collect treasure!
  • Keep your pirate crew happy and confident in your leadership!

  • ⬅️/➡️ Rotate ship
  • ⬆️ Move forward
  • ❎ View map
  • ENTER Show pause menu

  • ⬅️/➡️ Move ship
  • Hold 🅾️(Z) to fire cannon

  • ⬇ FAQs ⬇

    Pico Pirates is a exploration based pirating game featuring treasure, monsters and beautiful sandy beaches! Each encounter and island is the product of procedural generation providing a huge world to explore and a fresh experience every time you play!

    This is a game I've been working on and off for about a year now. What started as a basic tech demo quickly feature-creeped it's way up to the scope of a full project and now I'm nearing Pico 8's technical limitations (namely token count) I think it's time to start seriously think about finishing this one up.

    My current goal is to have everything done and dusted by the end of year. How hard can it be?

  • Boat on boat combat!
  • A Dark Souls style victory screen!
  • Lots of bug fixes
    • Different treasures!
      Full morale system!
      A big number telling you how good at video games you are!

    You can follow me on to get updates on major releases or follow me on Twitter for all minor developments as well as my more personal ramblings.

    Oh no!

    Shoot me an email or tweet at me so I can fix it!