Top down exploration

⬆️  Move forward
⬅️/ ➡️     Rotate ship
❌(hold)     Show map


⬅️/ ➡️     Move ship
❌(hold)     Fire cannon(s)

Pico Pirates is an open world adventure game featuring deadly monsters, rival pirates and beautiful sandy beaches!

You set out on your quest to find The Pirate King and claim the crown for yourself. To do this, you'll need to find the 4 compass pieces  scattered around the vast, procedurally generated world and keep your crews spirits high throughout (pirates lovely treasure and a good fight!).

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Art, programming, design

Craig Tinney


Chris Donnelly
aka Gruber_music

Special thanks

Daniel Caaz for their excellent font compression solution
Josh Richter for their excellent ideas and constant testing
Alex Wall <3