Hunting Season

Hunting Season is the game myself and some colleagues made for a fox themed game jam as part of the Commercial Games Development module for the Games Technlology (BSc) course at UWE.

This game was originally developed in ~48 hours in September 2015. I’ve made a few updates recently to improve the user experience, namely sound and music options as well as adding a few new sound effects in.


During development, my role was focused on producing the animated assets required, including the main fox avatar. This was new territory for me as I had never built and rigged a 2D avatar before using Unity. A method of rotoscoping was used to create the fox, farmer and chicken images.

This is the first of the fox animations created. Sadly, it didn’t make it’s way into the final game.

The aim of Hunting Season e is to consume as many chickens as possible in order to keep your hungry fox nice and happy. The local farmers aren’t too happy about this however and will try and shoot you if you get too close to their precious poultry. The game is centred around burrowing underground and bursting eat out of the ground to eat chickens or to deal with any farmers.

Come and try it out!
Download (PC, Mac and Linux)

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