Source mapping

Before coming to University I invested the majority of my free time creating maps for a number of source engine games including; Counter Strike: Source / Global Offensive and Team Fortress 2. Below is a short account of my time spent using the engine as well as some of the things I created.


I began experimenting with Valve’s Hammer Editor tools when I was 15 and in 2009 released my first map to the public, de_snowblind, a remake of a map from 007 Nightfire. Whilst very crude in appearance, the creation of this map proved to be an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding process and helped establish my enthusiasm for level design which I still hold to this day.

de_snowblind, my first map released to the public

I went to develop some more original maps of my own and at time, imposed certain restrictions upon my work to help me further develop my skill-set. One example of this was a map I created dubbed gg_timber_bridge which created over the course of a single day.

bridgegg_timber_bridge, a map created in ~ 20 hours

I also entered a number of competitions held by GameBanana. The first one I entered, in 2011, was a Team Fortress 2 mapping contest featuring the theme of secret underground bases. Over the course of ~1 month I created plr_clandestine which achieved 2nd place in the contest. This initially came as quick a shock to me as this was the first significant recognition I received for my work, but also served as an incredible confidence boost. I entered more contests and began to home more developed skills further in the hope of one day winning another one of these competitions.

plr_clandestine, 2nd place entry in the TF2 D.U.M.B mapping contest

I went on to create 4 more maps for a set of 4 competitions, one of which earned 1st place, de_vigil.

ar_winter_lodge, the last map I released. Completed as part of the Winter Wonderland mapping contest (in which this map earnt 2nd place)

Between 2009 and 2012 I released a total 19 maps through the PC modding website GameBanana as well 2 additional map collections containing previously released maps and some other unreleased/unfinished maps. To this date, these maps have been downloaded over 57,000 times and viewed over 138,000 times. All of these maps and more can be found on my GameBanana profile page.

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