Type Fighter is a jam game created by myself and a few friends over the period of a week, intended to be a fun little project for us to work on now that our final university year has concluded.

The theme of this jam was “subverting 80’s arcade” with an additional, optional, theme of cyber security. Our early ideas were to create a multiplayer blend of bullet hell games like 1945 and Ikaruga whilst also incorporating typing elements, originally intended to be similar in design to SEGA’s Typing of the Dead. For this project I had a hand in a number of elements, such as the ship movement and some management classes as well as creating the majority of the sound effects and particle systems.

The result of our jam was an asymmetrical, two player, local multiplayer game with one player controller the movement and weapons of the spaceship whilst the other enters commands using the keyboard to activate various abilities, such as homing/explosive projectiles.

Come give it a go!
Download from Google Drive

We do plan on updating this game in the future but for the time being, here’s a run-down of the controls and abilities.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFuf-mmtDoI&w=1280&h=720]

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