CanaFez – Noisy neighbours

This is something that’s been in the current build for a little while now but I thought I’d make a full post here since, well, I’ve been a bit neglectful in regards to posting updates / features about CanaFez on this site.

Plus it’s a good excuse as any to post some new pictures of the game. LOOK AT THESE PICTURES OF MY VIDEO GAME!


These pictures actually feature two new colour palettes made with the new custom palette creator, wherein users can create a palette style┬áto their choosing with no restrictions. So say for sake of example you wanted to create something horrible like what you see below, you can! But you shouldn’t. Because look at it, come on.


Anyway, back to the matter at hand, noisy neighbours. Random buildings in the cities of CanaFez will feature audio sources with a low pass filters to give to impression of someone playing music loudly on the other side of a thick wall. As with all things audio, it’s best if you hear it yourself rather than have someone try to describe it. The video below features some gameplay of me trying to find some of these buildings in question;

My friends have also described my taste in music as ‘terrible’ and ‘just awful’ so the music featured here comes from some of my favourite artists. Needless to say all of the music here is copyrighted and will eventually have to be replaced before the games release but for now, it’ll do just fine.

That’s all for now, expect CanaFez on by the end of April! (hopefully)

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