CanaFez – Alpha release!

Come play CanaFez, now available on!

About this release

Last Sunday I released the alpha version of CanaFez, a retro arcade platformer I’ve been working on for the last 3 months. I set myself the target of releasing the game in some form by the end of the month back in mid April and I’m proud to have met that deadline. The game was uploaded to at 4 minutes to midnight, April 31st.

The current version is far from polished, and certainly doesn’t live up to my own standards. I plan on continuing development on this game for at least the next few months. Now that a decent groundwork is in place for basic world structure and mechanics, I can start to experiment with new gameplay ideas and polish the experience to make it more friendly to newcomers. The game currently features no tutorial and an embarrassing amount of bugs, two things that I would not forgive if I was playing somebody else’s game.

For now, I hope you enjoy what I’ve built and I’d love to hear any thoughts you might have. If you have opinions, throw them at me on Twitter @GibletsofJesus.

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