I’ve been slacking a bit lately when it comes to working on any of my personal projects, but it’s OK,  I’ve got some excuses.

I’m currently in a period of transition of sorts in terms of my work and home life. I recently quit my boring, everyday, run of the mill, minimum wage job in favour of  NEW, SUPER EXCITING, AWESOME DEVELOPER JOB (guitar sounds) as well as finding a new place to call home in a more rural area of Bristol. As you can imagine, these are things that tend to monopolise whatever free time someone might have.

That being said, it’s a relatively short period of business which will all be worth it in the end. I will be focusing more on personal projects once all this life stuff is out of the way.


That being said, summer is just around the corner and I’m not sure if I want to spend a large majority of my free time sitting at a desk as I’ll be doing a lot of that already as part of my day job.

CanaFez will get updates. Those Twitter tools will, eventually, get released. And maybe someday, I’ll actually make something good.

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