My Pico 8 cartridges!

Starting today you can visit and see dozens of my Pico 8 Cartirdges, all fully playable on Mobile and PC! The most up to date version of my on-going project/headache, Pico Pirates.

Over the last year or so I’ve been steadily outputting Pico 8 projects and content onto my Twitter account. Sometimes these are small games or toys that make their way onto my page and some of them are things called Tweet Carts, cartridges with code totally 280 characters or less.

I decided it’d be nice to collect some of these works and publish them on this site since Twitter isn’t the best place for archiving content, much less providing a playable space for users to try out different cartridges.

There’s useful code snippets for other developers,
interesting physics toys, single and multiplayer games as well as a complete collection of all my tweet carts. Come and try them out!

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