Proc Jam 2017

13th November 2017
Last week I participated in #PROCJAM, an annual game jam hosted on now in it's fourth year.
The premise of Proc Jam is simple, make something that makes something.
Most people make some for of procedural software but physical games and toys are also encouraged. If you haven't tried procedural generation before as a part of game development I'd highly encourage it, and Proc Jam is an excellent time to do so.

Anyway, what do I do? Well, I made this racing game with procedurally generated racetracks and called it #PROCJAM Racer.
The bulk of my time on this project was spent developing to functions for producing a range of playable racetracks.
This is something I regret in retrospect as it left me little time to make any sort of vehicle/racing mechanics, the difficulty and intricacy of which I took for granted.nnThat being said, the track generator I did put together is something I'd quite proud of, hopefully I can get some more use out of it in the future with some other procedural mesh work.

If you'd like to try my entry for yourself, you can download the game here!