Super Funky Ball

14th January 2018
At the end of last year I had an idea about a reverse breakout game where the player would attempt to beat an AI paddle by placing blocks around the screen for balls to ricochet off. On new years day I started putting together a prototype.
In quickly became apparent that it would be more enjoyable to control the paddle instead of putting control in the computer.

With basic gameplay established I set about making some more flashy visuals and some more interesting block variants. The finished game has 4 main types of block, numbered (requiring a certain number of collisions to be destroyed), explosive, extra ball and unbreakable. With just these basic mechanics introduced the game quickly became a lot more enjoyable to interact with, helped also with the addition of screen shake and palette changes to the HuD.

There's definitely room for expansion here, modifications to the paddle and behaviour of the balls are two things I'm interested in exploring in the future.

As for now, I'd love you to try out SUPER FUNKY BALL! Available now free on and