Tweet Tweet Jam 2

19th May 2019

This week I participated in Tweet Tweet Jam 2 on, a game jam which dictated the size games entered must not exceed 560 characters. Yes, you read that right reader, only 2 tweets worth of space to create your entry (or entries in many cases).

I ended up creating two games, Tree Planter 8000 and They're Skulls, Not Cats. A minimalist tree planting simulator and a HARDCORE video game set in HELL with SKULLS.

Why two entries? Well, after condensing a procedurally generated walking simulator into 2 tweets worth of space, I suddenly realised I hadn't strictly speaking made a video game and to preserve my game developer credibility I'd need to step up the VIOLENCE in my next project.

Both entries utilise the same basic world generation methods I've used in this previous cartridge, but the latter features a more EXTREME colour palette and INTENSE GAMEPLAY involving flying SKULLS.

Both games are available for free and playable in your favourite web browser right now! I also highly recommend checking out the other entries over on the jam page!